Islamic Center Of North Marin


ICNM is a welcoming house of God for Muslims and friends in North Marin. We are a small diverse community of Muslims following the teachings of the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while promoting the Muslim way of life through worship and community gatherings.

Our Mission ...

. Organize and conduct religious, educational, social, and other activities.

. Help our youth grow up to be Good Citizens , righteous Muslims and leaders.

. Promote communication between Muslims and non-Muslims.

EID Mubarak

Shawwal 1441AH


Let us all pray for ...

. Millions of people sufferring from all types of natural disasters, calamities, violence, hatred and oppression.

. Justice, Peace and Harmony.

. Promote and spread the spirit of Ramadan and upholding the values of our faith at all times.

EID Prayer

. At Home

. May 24 Sunday 2020

. EID Prayer to be offered between sunrise and 11:59 AM

. Eid -Drive by Celebration

. Between 11:30 AM and 1 PM

. Decorate your car with Cheers of EID

. Family Eid Dinner at your dwelling!!!

. For more Info Contact at 415 578 0579