Islamic Center Of North Marin


In 2006, a few families were in need of a Masjid(Mosque) in Novato, where they could pray Jummah and still be close to work. Initially, they gathered in one brotherís garage for a few months, but as more families arrived in North Marin, a larger space was needed. So, in 2007, a small space was rented in Novato and ICNM came into existence.

Now, our community has grown to 100 families from all over the world, and we are in need of a larger facility once more. We hope you will be able to support us in this endeavor.

ICNM is a religious and cultural organization established and planned as an Islamic institution comprising a Mosque, a school, a library and lecture hall, its objectives to serve the neighboring Muslim and non-muslim Community by answering their religious needs and providing them with a place of worship, education and a positive dialogue.

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