Islamic Center Of North Marin

"Assalamualikum Wr wb, Dear Brothers and Sisters in Deen

Building Masjid It's a lifetime opportunity for a Sadaqa Jaariya.

If ye loan to Allah, a beautiful loan, He will double it to your (credit), and He will grant you Forgiveness: for Allah is most Ready to appreciate (service), Most Forbearing, Quote from the Holy Qur'an:-At-Taghaabun (64:17)

Our Story and struggle:

For the past decade, the Marin County muslim community has been relentlessly working to fulfil our dream. Our growing community is requiring a larger facity to accomdate our sisters and brothers need to pray in congregation.

Thanks to the perseverance of our dedicated volunteers and after looking at various properties, zonning issues etc., we are finally close to purchasing a property which will serve our young families.

Our generous community has donated more than 50%, and this was a big milestone for us. We are very grateful to Allah swt for giving us this golden opportunity.

Insha Allah, our growing community will benefit immensely from your donations in building a Masjid and we pray that anyone who has helped us in this journey reap great benefits in this world and the hereafter. Ameen!"